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Rumah Karawo

Karawo is a traditional cloth from Gorontalo which is made of handicrafts. The process of making karawo embroidered cloth consists of 5 stages, namely. Design, Slice, pull Thread, tie, and embroidery.

The design process is to design the motifs that will be in the karawo on paper, then the motifs that have been created are adjusted to the fabric and sliced ??based on the motifs earlier. The following process is the removal of the threads after being cut ??earlier. The fourth process is tying and finally embroidering or Mo Karawo.

The slicing process, or the second process, is the decision process in Karawo because if this process fails, the cloth to be used becomes damaged and fails. So this process must be carried out with caution.

Karawo is a Gorontalo language that means embroidery by hand. People outside Gorontalo know him as Kerawang.

The art of making Kerawang or Karawo is called "Mokarawo." This art has been passed down from generation to generation since the Kingdom of Gorontalo was still victorious. Karawo was born from a long process which is the fruit of the artisans' diligence.

The motifs' beauty, the artistry's subtlety, and the excellent quality make Kerawang or Karawo very valuable. So do not be surprised if the uniqueness and quality are in demand by many groups, both from within and outside the country.